In addition to offering cash advances, we offer other funding resources that may benefit your clients:

Medical Deductible Funding

If you have a client that has not yet met their insurance deductible and are not in a financial position to pay out of pocket, we can provide medical deductible funding so your client can receive the medical care they need, when they need it.

Surgical Funding

If you have a client in need of a medical procedure that will not be covered by a LOP and the procedure must be paid for up front, we can pay the medical provider/surgery center directly on the client’s behalf.

Case/litigation funding

Expert witnesses and/or accident recreation specialists are sometimes necessary to give your clients the best possible chance at a fair settlement. We can provide funding to cover the costs associated with this, a lien is then put on the file the same manner a client receives a cash advance.

Post settlement funding

We understand that cases take time to settle, and once they do settle, it still often takes additional time to disburse funds to clients. We are able to offer cash advances at a flat rate so your client can get their funds in hand while you continue to negotiate liens on their behalf.

We will gladly entertain any other funding scenario that you believe will benefit your firm.