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  • Get some cash now before your lawsuit settles. From as little as $300 to thousands.
  • Simply fill out the application, we contact your attorney and we will contact you to let you know that your application was approved.
  • Complete the forms and choose the method of receiving your funds.
  • Western Union, direct transfer to your bank or check mailed directly to you.
  • There is absolutely no risk to you and you owe nothing unless you’re successful with your claim.
  • If you lose your case, you don’t pay us back.
  • There is no application or upfront out-of-pocket fees and no credit check.


Is good credit necessary to qualify for money?


No credit check is required.

How long does it take to get money?


Same day funding available.

Does my attorney have to cooperate with the process?


Yes, the attorney provides documents such as medical records and also signs an “Acknowledgement by Counsel.” This documents acknowledges the assignment of a portion of the proceeds and it is signed by your attorney to confirm he/she agrees to pay the amount due from the settlement proceeds upon settlement of the case.

What documents do I need?


This can vary but for most cases a completed application, a police report and any medical reports, if applicable.

Is pre-settlement funding a loan?


No, it is the sale of a portion of the future proceeds of your claim or lawsuit.

What types of cases qualify?


Most injury cases.

Is the defendant’s insurance company notified?


No only your attorney is notified.

How much money can I expect to receive?


It depends on your particular case but typical 5-20% of your expected future settlement.

How is the money repaid?


From the proceeds of your settlement directly from your attorney.

What if I lose my case?


You do not have to pay the money back.


“The process was fast, easy and I received my money within 2 hours! I was very happy with their services”
Richard Brennan – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Same day approval, same day funding. I was in shock!”
Gloria Garner – Jasper, Alabama

“The best rates that I could find on the internet, and I received my money within 24 hours.”
Victor Ramona – Daphne, Alabama

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